Smart Automatic Car Wireless Charger


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Driving is an excellent time to charge your phone up, especially if you tend to have long commutes. However, plugging and unplugging your phone every single time you get into the car is a pain, especially when so many of our phones have wireless charging that’s perfect for this. Qi chargers have been slowly creeping into our offices and homes. If you’re using a Qi-enabled phone, you should absolutely grab one of these chargers and go wire-free in the car.

  • WIRELESS FAST CHARGING Qi TECHNOLOGY : This wireless car charger supports all Qi standard wireless charging mobile phones. With the 4th generation of integrated version of the independent large coil, and a comprehensive security control chip, it features temperature control, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. Besides, equipped with 9V/5V Dual mode charging, fast chargers function with 10W fixed frequency.

  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with all USB powered devices. Suitable For Most Smart Phones – Compatible with most 4-6.5 inches mobile phones that supported wireless car charge. Automatically adjusts the voltage received from the vehicle so your device always charges at a constant rate.

  • AUTOMATIC AND SAFE AND SECURE HOLD: Built-in infrared motion sensor detects your phone when it’s close by wireless fast charging and open the holding grips automatically. Once your phone is placed, grips will be closed automatically and firmly regardless of any road conditions, allowing for worry-free travel.

  • ADVANCED GPS POSITIONING: no longer worry about your car can’t be find!Quality Warranty: Auto Wireless Charger is state certified with CE, Qi and ROHS, the quality is strictly controlled by laboratory and other organization.

  • QUALITY ASSURANCE AND FIVE-STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please let us know and we will send you a full refund or replacement. In addition, you are also welcome to submit comments and questions! We are available 24 hours a day.