Swarovski Crystals and Japanese Decoration Rose Gold Collection




New swarovski rose gold box and other Japanese decorations available on Oceannailsupply.com

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There are 24 different items included in this product.  12 of our popular Swarovski Rose gold crystals and 12 of our popular Japanese decoration in rose gold.  Great way to  sample our products and have a collection in hand.  Collection tray in the photo is included!

*Packaging may vary


12 Swarovski rose gold includes

Rivoli Spaceship Fancy ss39 6pcs

Long Navette Fancy 11x3mm 5pcs

Navette Fancy 8x4mm 5pcs

Navette Fancy 6x3mm 5pcs

Pointed Chaton Fancy ss17 36pcs

Pointed Chaton Fancy ss24 10pcs

Patina Pear Fancy 8x6mm 4pcs

Pear Fancy 8x6mm 4pcs

Round Flatback ss16 36pcs

Round Flatback ss30 12pcs

Pearl Unfoiled ss16 36pcs

Heart Flatback 10mm 2pcs  


12 Japanese decoration includes 

Medium Bar 50pcs [JRG35]

Fleur De Lis 50pcs [JRG39]

Square Frame 5mm 50pcs [JRG53]

Catseye 50pcs [JRG31]

V 6mm 50pcs [JRG28]

Triangle 50pcs [JRG55]

Solid Pyramid 10pcs [JRG42]

Round 1.5mm 50pcs [JRG19]

Circle Fancy 50pcs [JRG49]

Circle Frame 4mm 50pcs [JRG47]

Moon 50pcs [JRG38]

Large Arrowhead 50pcs [JRG26]